Valencia & Mobilitas

Mobilitas is based in Valencia, from where it offers its mobility services to Europe. The professionalism and competence of the company to organize these actions together with the great advantages and opportunities that Valencia meets, result in extraordinary internship experiences.

Valencia, city for visitors

The stereotype of Valencia are the world famous paella and firecrackers, which can be found at their parties and on every celebration. Both place Valencia in a worldwide knowledge. But what really makes the city attractive as a host destination is the feeling of warm welcome that its people transmit to visitors, its streets, promenades or commercial establishments, its monuments and museums.


Valencia is without a doubt one of the most historic cities in southern Europe. Founded over two millennia ago as a city belonging to the Roman Empire, it lived after a long five centuries period of Muslim rule and has been head of the Kingdom of Valencia for another five centuries. From all these stages and particularly from the latter, it remains an important architectural heritage that gives a certain character to many areas of the city.

The recent park development of the Turia’s former riverbed, topped by the architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, lends a truly amazing modern counterpoint to the city.

Valencia is an attractive city to live in because of its mild climate all year round, the always blue light of the sky, or the constant bustle of the streets; all these make the stay very pleasant.

The ease of daily travel, where each passing day bikes and and pedestrian areas are gaining prominence.

The cuisine, with restaurants for all tastes but where rice has predominance, particularly the outdoor terraces that can be enjoyed all year round. The numerous monuments, museums and exhibitions allow special delight for art lovers. The active nightlife all year really allows additional enjoyment of leisure time.

All this makes Valencia a city that you can enjoy. It has a long tradition in receiving foreign visitors, especially from the student world. The University of Valencia, one of the oldest in Europe, together with the Technical University of Valencia (Universidad Politécnica) have always received many abroad students.