Internships in Valencia: Home economics

Lisa Vormschlag, home economics apprentice, has been doing an internship for two weeks organized by MTP.

The trainee comes from BBS Westerburg and also works in Christliches Gästecentrum Rehe (Germany), as she is doing a vocational training in the dual system.

In Valencia she has been working in the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Our Lady of El Pilar School), particularly in the school kitchen and dining room.

Some of the tasks carried out were:

  • Assistance as a kitchen helper: Cutting food, preparing raw materials, cleaning utensils, helping the cooks.
  • Assistance in food service: Helping in the food service to students.

Her experience has been very positive, and she has loved the city, up to the point of coming back the next summer, this time for holidays.

Aerial view of the school



Dining room