Internships in Valencia: September-October

At the end of September three German apprentices have come to Valencia: a “Wholesale and Foreign Trade” apprentice and two apprentices in “Food Technology Assistant”.

These young people have come through SBH International, Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk (Education & Craft Foundation) with a grant from Erasmus + programme.

Isabelle comes from Siegen and works (dual system) in Demco Baumaschinen Consulting GmbH, while Clemens and Sebastian learn at the Carl-Severing Berufskolleg (Vocational Training Center) in Bielefeld.

They have been four and three weeks respectively interning at the following companies: SGS TECNOS Valencia, a multinational and multibusiness firm; the local laboratory of Valencia; and Productos Velarte, that produces bread sticks.

Besides working, they have also had the opportunity to know the city of Valencia and its surroundings, beaches l’Oceanográfic (Aquarium), enjoy the paella…

They have met a lot of people, from Spain and abroad, and surely this experience will help them to improve their apprenticeship.

Working in the laboratory

Working in the laboratory

Visiting the Colón Market

Visiting the Colón Market

With some coworkers

Internships in Valencia: Home economics

Lisa Vormschlag, home economics apprentice, has been doing an internship for two weeks organized by MTP.

The trainee comes from BBS Westerburg and also works in Christliches Gästecentrum Rehe (Germany), as she is doing a vocational training in the dual system.

In Valencia she has been working in the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Our Lady of El Pilar School), particularly in the school kitchen and dining room.

Some of the tasks carried out were:

  • Assistance as a kitchen helper: Cutting food, preparing raw materials, cleaning utensils, helping the cooks.
  • Assistance in food service: Helping in the food service to students.

Her experience has been very positive, and she has loved the city, up to the point of coming back the next summer, this time for holidays.

Aerial view of the school



Dining room

Internships in Valencia: Food Technology Assistants

Last March and April came to Valencia two apprentices in “Food Technology Assistant”.

These young people learn at the Carl-Severing Berufskolleg (Vocational Training Center) in Bielefeld (Germany) and they have come through SBH International, Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk (Education & Craft Foundation) with a grant from the Erasmus + Programme.

They’ve been three weeks interning at the EPSA company, whose main business is the distribution and mixing of food additives and ingredients. Among other tasks, they performed the following:

  • Quality control: Testing of raw material and ended product, performing physico-chemical analysis like pH, moisture, viscosity and gel strength and using equipments like HPLC, texturometer or BrookfieId viscosimeter.
  • Research and development: Preparing samples and setting up the protocols in the pilot plant for food products like olives, pickles or bakery.
  • Quality procedures: Attending the internal meetings related with quality certification (ISO 9001) and HAPPC (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) plan.

Besides working, they have also had the opportunity to know the city of Valencia and its surroundings, beaches and the celebration of the Holy Week, attending a procession through the city center.

Surely they will keep a good memory of the experience and we hope they will come back again to visit us.

IiV-SBH-MTP-20150322-0411-05 IiV-SBH-MTP-20150322-0411-07

Completion of the ES+DE project

The ES+DE project (acronym of SPAIN TRAINS IN GERMANY), has successfully ended. It is a Vocational Training Consortium project within Erasmus+ KA102 action, coordinated by MTP (agreement number 2014-1-ES01-KA102-001605).

Summary data are described below:

Here are some representative pictures:




We appreciate the work and support of the mobility managers from the host institutions: Christine Erben, Heike Gröbel, Juliane Klein, Julika Ulrich, Oliver Kirst, Petra Laudemann, Rebecca Hof and Schwester Gladys.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Aprobación provisional del proyecto ES+DE

El proyecto SPAIN TRAINS IN GERMANY, cuyo acrónimo es ES+DE, que fue presentado en marzo por MTP ha recibido la aprobación provisional. Este proyecto entra dentro de la convocatoria KA102 del programa Erasmus+, y consiste en un Consorcio de FP, liderado por Mobilitas y que agrupa a tres escuelas de formación profesional de Valencia: Altaviana, EFA Torrealedua y FEGREPPA.

El pasado 4 de julio la Agencia Nacional OAPEE, que gestiona la participación española en algunos de los subprogramas de Erasmus+, ha publicado la resolución de los proyectos de movilidad de FP aprobados para el próximo ejercicio, entre los que se encuentra este proyecto.

ES+DE tiene por objeto el envío a Alemania de 15 estudiantes de diferentes especialidades durante dos meses y medio. Allí desarrollarán prácticas de trabajo en empresas de ese país. Se han firmado acuerdos de colaboración con las Cámaras de Oficios de Düsseldorf y Aquisgrán, que actuarán como socios de acogida de estos alumnos. También se contempla el desplazamiento de 4 profesores para formación en los talleres de HWK Koblenz.

Los centros participantes en el Consorcio son:

  • ALTAVIANA (Asociación para la Promoción de la Mujer Portomar)
  • EFA Torrealedua
  • FEGREPPA (Federación Gremial y Empresarial de Panadería y Pastelería de Valencia)
  • Handwerkskammer Aachen
  • Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf
  • Handwerkskammer Koblenz

MTP, como institución coordinadora del proyecto, ha dado ya los primeros pasos para el inicio del mismo y ha mantenido reuniones presenciales tanto en España como en Alemania con todos los centros participantes.

De acuerdo a las directrices del OAPEE se espera que en breve tenga lugar la firma del contrato correspondiente, que constituirá la aprobación definitiva.